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Buying New Cabinetry? Know How to Make the Right Choice

Plenty of consumers find the wide variety of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry available today to be confusing and difficult to navigate given all the choices available to them. With some help from this article you will soon be on your way to choosing the products that make sense for your desired look and budget. Let’s take a look at the common terms used currently in the kitchen and bath industry.

You will find virtually all kitchen showrooms and dealers break cabinetry down in to three simple categories. Cabinets are ranked in categories based on the ability or willingness of the manufacturer to make changes their standard offerings. The list goes from least expensive to most expensive, quality levels and other options vary here as well. Have a look:

1) Stock Cabinetry
2) Semi- Custom Cabinetry
3) Custom Cabinetry

1) Stock Cabinetry

Kitchen plans developed from stock cabinets can be a bit more restrictive and less unique in style but offer the least expensive option for a new kitchen. Typically stock manufacturers will not make modifications to their standard offerings and force buyers to accept only the sizes indicated in the catalog. This method of production makes the fabrication process much more speedy and efficient and high volumes of cabinetry can be manufactured and shipped. When large volumes of cabinetry are needed on a regular and predictable schedule stock cabinetry is a good choice. If you are remodeling however you may want to take a look at upgrading and look for better quality with more selection.

2) Semi- Custom Cabinetry

Size adjustments certainly make kitchen plans with stock cabinetry come together more easily and numerous other style options make for a more dazzling kitchen. A variety of door offerings and wood tones will render a much more custom look for your home. Homeowners respond well to the better quality, greater flexibility and increased number of choices offered in the semi-custom group. Door designs, wood species and finishes and interior accessory options are all taken to the next level and make kitchen plans truly exciting.

3) Custom Cabinetry

You’ll find custom cabinets at the top of the class in terms of quality as well as price. They take much longer to build and the extra time really shows in the finished product. All of the cabinetry in the manufacturers catalog can be modified for the perfect fit in you home. Products in this category will make your kitchen plans one of a kind and the envy of your neighbors. Unique door designs, custom finishes and intricate carvings are all elements that add to the wow of a custom kitchen. By going with custom cabinets you will truly have a one of a kind kitchen limited only by your imagination. It’s worth a look to see if you can move up to the ultimate in style and quality – never be afraid to but the best; you won’t be disappointed.

By understanding the concepts outlined here you will have enough information to begin the process of shopping for the perfect cabinets for your kitchen project. The best advice is to use the internet to gain more knowledge about the categories outlined here and further research the particular products with consumer reviews and ratings then view them in local showrooms. You also want to make certain the company you choose has all of the proper qualifications. Don’t forget to check references and view previous projects.

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