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There is no Such Thing as a Free Kitchen Design – Here’s Why

Many kitchen cabinet suppliers offer “free kitchen design” when you purchase a kitchen cabinets. They actually expect consumers to believe that they are getting something for nothing. So let me ask you this: When was the last time you received anything of any real value absolutely free? The truth is you are paying for your free kitchen design whether you choose to believe it or not.

Top Quality Kitchen Plans Are the Key to Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

The best looking kitchen remodels start with a great set of plans. So just what should your kitchen drawings look like when they are completed? In this article we’ll take a look at all of the things that should be incorporated in the drawings you’ll use as the blueprint for your new kitchen.

Five Methods to Eliminate Moisture in Your Bathroom Remodeling Plans

Did you know that excess moisture is the leading cause of decay in bathrooms? And even worse, most bathroom moisture issues will go undetected for years until its too late and menacing mold develops or structural damage occurs. The following is a list of five steps you can implement in your new bathroom plans to ensure that moisture will not be a problem.

Kitchen Plans to Maximize Your Small Space

The logical way to attack a small kitchen renovation is by maximizing the space already available. You will make the most of your remodeling budget by modifying the existing room plan by constructing it fit your wants and life style.

Conserve Water in Your Bathroom – Save Money, Save the Earth

When you bathroom remodel plans call for new fixtures keep in mind these tips for ways you can conserve water and put a little less stress on our environment.
With these tips part of you bathroom plans you will be able to start saving money on your water bills and know you are doing the right thing for our planet.

Choosing Range Hood Vents – Simple Air Flow Calculations

Did you know that every time you cook, millions of grease particles are released into your home? Research suggests that tiny microscopic particles of grease can float in the air for days and adhere to almost any surface in the home through a process know as thermal plating. Once these particles find a dwelling place they can feed mold and bacteria serving as the breeding ground for a host of tiny unwanted and unhealthy guests.

The Three Most Important Considerations In Your New Kitchen Plans

Many homeowners considering a remodeling project want to start in the kitchen. However, the kitchen is the most expensive room in the home to remodel due to all the items that have potential to be replaced.

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