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Buying Washers and Dryers

Choosing a new washer and dryer can seem a little confusing. You can easily narrow down your options by considering the questions below. Feel free to print out this document and use it for reference
as you shop.


The following information is available as a PDF document. Please feel free to print it, answer the questions and send it back to us. Buying Washers and Dryers.

1. Which would be more convenient for me, a washer that loads on the front or the top?

2. Which will work in my house, a dryer that runs on gas or electricity?

3. How much room do I have for a new set of washers and dryers? If they will be located in the same place, how big is my current set? Am I thinking about placing the new ones in a different place?

4. Am I planning on placing my new washer and dryer in a very tight spot like a closet? If the area is small, do I want a set that stacks on top of one another?

5. Will people be able to see my new washer and dryer when they visit my home? Do I want to choose a set of a certain color so they will match the décor of the room?

6. Will I need to use them as a work surface?

7. Would I prefer something that will keep me from having to lean down when I need to wash and dry clothes? Would platforms for my washer and dryer be something I want?

8. Do I want to consider the environment when I choose by picking a washer and dryer that conserves water or energy?

9. Am I more interested in washing large loads of clothes at once with commercial capacity machines, or do I prefer ones designed for numerous small loads of laundry?

10. Is noise a concern? Do I need to look for noise reduced machines in consideration of my neighbors or people in my home who may be sleeping?

11. Are allergies a concern? Should I look for a washing machine that includes a sanitizing option?

12. Will I need a lot of customization options with my washer to handle various types of clothing, fabrics, and stains? Will I be looking for numerous temperature options, wash cycles, and water levels?

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