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Kitchen Design Questions

When you begin planning your kitchen, you will find that many decisions will need to be made. From choosing colors and décor to creating a layout and purchasing appliances, you will need to consider many options.

On this page, you will find questions that will help you focus through the decision-making process. Whether you hire a designer or you create your kitchen on your own, answering the questions below will be a great tool to help you through the process.

The following information is available as a PDF document. Please feel free to print it, answer the questions and send it back to us. Kitchen Design Questions


1. When I look at my current kitchen, what are the things I like about it? What are the things that I do not like and wish to change?

2. Would I like for my kitchen design to match the style of the rest of my home? What style is my house built in?

3. Is there a certain style that I prefer? Am I most interested in a style like contemporary or country, traditional or transitional? Would I like for this style to be reflected in my kitchen?

4. Do I have a theme in mind that I would like to keep for my kitchen?

5. Are there certain colors that I would like to include in my kitchen? Are there colors that I want to avoid using?

6. How do the rooms that connect to the kitchen look? Will I need to make sure that my kitchen style works well with adjoining rooms?

7. Does my kitchen connect to the outdoors? Do I want it to? Do I want to change the windows or doors I have?

8. Do I like certain elements I have seen in the kitchens of friends or family?

9. Do I have samples of designs or styles that I prefer? It may be helpful to cut out any images, color samples, or styles that you like and create a folder of them for easy reference.


1. As far as the functionality of my current kitchen, what are things I like and what are things I would prefer to change?

2. For everyone who will be using the kitchen, what do they request or wish for?

3. Are there appliances that I currently have and wish to keep?

4. Will I be keeping my current flooring? Will I be having new flooring installed?

5. Will I be keeping my current cabinets? Will I be re-facing or refinishing the cabinets? Would I prefer to have brand new cabinets installed?

6. Would I like to include a work space in my new kitchen that I could use for computer work or paper work?

7. Is my current kitchen lacking in storage space? Do I need more storage?

8. Does my kitchen layout allow enough room for storage? Can I make minor revisions to free up more storage? Do I need to change my whole kitchen layout?

9. Does the space my kitchen occupies leave enough room for layout changes? Will I need to annex area from another adjoining room in my home or build an addition on my home?

10. What are all the types of things I will need to store in my kitchen? Make a list. Some things may include: glasses, plates, silverware, pots and pans, paper goods, canned foods, dry goods, and pet foods.

11. Do my current refrigerator and freezer provide enough storage space?

12. How often do I shop? Do I shop on a daily or weekly basis and only need minimal amount of space? Do I shop less and buy in bulk, and therefore need more storage?

13. Are there currently enough outlets in my kitchen? Will I be able to plug in all small appliances and other electronics?

14. How is the lighting in my kitchen? Do I have enough lighting or do I need to add more?

15. What is the number of people who will be using the kitchen? Do I have any users who have special needs to be considered in the kitchen layout?

16. What activities will go on in the kitchen? Some types of activities include paper work, computer work, bill paying, laundry, and homework.


1. Who does most of the cooking in my household?

2. The person who does all of the cooking – are they left-handed or right-handed?

3. What is the height of the person who does most of the cooking?

4. Are there any physical limitations of this person that need to be considered?

5. What is the style of cooking that is enjoyed in your home?
a. Family Recipes
b. Gourmet Style
c. Baking and Sweets
d. Takeout or Delivery
e. Quick and Easy Meals

6. In most cases, does one person cook alone or with one person helping? Will there be several people helping or cooking?

7. Do you have two cooks in your household? Do both cook together? What does this second person tend to cook the most?

8. The second cook- are they right-handed or left-handed?

9. How tall is the second person who will be cooking?

10. Are there any physical difficulties that the second cook may have?

11. Is there plenty of counter space for preparations or do I need more space?

12. Do I have a sufficiently sized sink? Is my dishwasher large enough to accommodate my dishes?

13. Do I have convenient access to water while cooking? Should I consider adding another sink?

14. Is my current oven and stove large enough? Do I need a bigger one?

15. Do I currently have easy-to-clean appliances, counters and other surfaces?


1. Does my kitchen need to include eating space?

2. Would I like to include a whole table and chairs in my kitchen?

3. Would I prefer a built in banquette, a bar with stools, or even a booth?

4. Would I like to include a kitchen island? Do I want the island to have dining space?

5. How often do I intend to entertain or cook for others?

6. Do I tend to entertain in a formal or an informal environment?

7. When I entertain, do I prefer hiring a caterer or do I like to do all of the cooking?

8. How large of a guest list do I usually have for my events?

9. How often do my guests spend time in my kitchen?


1. Are there certain products and various features that I would like to include? Are there certain ones that are needed or just wanted? Are there features I feel are unaffordable or unneeded in my kitchen? Consider the following chart to find various options and features that you may wish to include in your new kitchen.

Content courtesy of Kitchen Designers Plus, award winning Toronto-based kitchen contractors.

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