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What is the turn around time for drawings?

Standard 2D AutoCAD projects are usually completed in 5 – 7 days.

How many people do you staff? Would we be assigned to one specific representative?
Our lead draftsman personally works on and oversees all CadKitchenPlans.com projects. We have several associates who assist as the workload dictates, all of whom are highly capable of providing all necessary assistance to our lead draftsman with regard to detailing and/or drawing electrical plans, foundation plans, exploded view details, etc.

What version of AutoCAD are you using?
We are currently using AutoCAD 2010 with full 3D and rendering capability.

What about custom built cabinets? Are cut lists and special construction developed and noted in the drawings?
Because AutoCAD does not offer a cabinet cut listing module we would have to provide them manually which is very time consuming. We have found it more efficient to invest our time drafting rather than cut listing. In AutoCAD we can provide molding details as well as custom appliance panel drawings, etc.

How do you address revisions?
Prior to starting the work we review exactly what changes you wish to see. We will assign a firm number based on the amount of time estimated for our services.

Are there possibilities for greater discounts based on volume over 3 simultaneous new projects? What if we send you 10 projects in two weeks?
Yes, we do offer volume discounts — but only after we see the volume. After an appropriate number of jobs have been completed, we can discuss the possibility of discounts. For instance, projects 001 – 005 standard pricing, 006 – 010 at X% discount, 011 – 015 at X% discount. We have used this formula successfully with other clients and it seems to work for all involved.

If we are not satisfied with the design, what is our recourse?
We have never been faced with a dissatisfied client. Such a result could only occur if the drawings were not accurate because we did not understand what you were asking for job spec. sheet here or if we were provided inaccurate information. Standard operating procedure is that we never start a project without all the necessary information. Our draftsmen are quite adept at understanding what clients are asking for – we rely on 20 + years of experience and it has yet to let us down. Regardless, CadKitchenPlans.com is paid through Pay Pal which does offer some protection in the event of dissatisfaction.

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"Beautiful CAD drawings and excellent service. CAD Kitchen Plans far exceeded our expectations."
T.J. - Scottsdale, AZ

"Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. There were no surprises on our completed plans - we'll definitely use them again."
R.W. - San Francisco, CA

"There were a few issues with our design, CAD Kitchen Plans provided us options and was able to iron out the wrinkles for us."
C.M. - Delray Beach, FL

"Very impressed with the level of service and quality of the finished product. Our client loved the detailed presentation."
S.L. - New York, NY

"Gerry was always available and very helpful in engineering our design. His knowledge and experience were extremely helpful."
D.M. - Plano, TX

"All project information was clearly presented in the final plans. Client, cabinet maker and installers had all the information they needed."
J.H. - L.A., CA
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