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Keeping Your Sanity During A Kitchen Remodel

Having your kitchen remodeled can be a very exciting and trying time for most homeowners. A lot of the stress can be reduced or eliminated altogether if you follow some of the tips and guidelines in this article and you just might save a few dollars.

When deciding on the schedule of events for you kitchen remodel it is best not to work with hard deadlines. If your project is extensive and you have out of town guests arriving in 8 weeks delay the project until after the visit. The stress leading up to this deadline will only increase as the days go by. You don’t need that kind of pressure neither does your contractor.

The first step to remodeling your kitchen is to demolish the existing cabinetry, countertops and possibly even some walls then haul off all the debris. This is normally the messiest part of the process but the mess can be reduced with a few simple tricks.

1. Have workers come and go through the closest door to the kitchen. If there isn’t a door immediately adjacent to the kitchen have them put down runners leading to the nearest door to keep the floor in good shape while the work goes on.

2. Make certain all cold air returns are completely covered to keep dust from circulating through your HVAC system and distributing throughout the home. Once work is complete replace the filters in your furnace.

3. Tape off all doorways to the rest of the home with heavy plastic to keep the dust and debris confined to the kitchen.

Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodel your kitchen may be unusable for several days or even a few weeks and eating out can get costly. Ask your contractor to set up a temporary kitchenette for you somewhere out of the way for your minor cooking needs during construction. Explore the idea of relocating the refrigerator to another area. Have the contractor save a few of the old base cabinets and a piece of the counter top then set up a small workspace where you place a microwave and/or a hot plate. This mini kitchen will cut down on costly restaurant bills during construction.

Don’t be surprised when something that isn’t scheduled for remodeling or demolition gets destroyed. You must accept going into that this is part of the kitchen remodeling process. It’s not uncommon for doors and door casing to be scratched or for flooring that isn’t being replaced to get damaged. These are referred to a casualties of construction. The key is to keep your cool and make certain the contractor knows exactly what the problem is and that he is responsible for the repair.

If the cabinetry you are replacing is in decent condition and doesn’t get damaged during the demolition process you should consider donating it to a local charity. By doing this you will be making a positive contribution to your local community and you can claim these items on next year’s tax returns. You can also donate appliances and fixtures that are still in good working order. Check with the specific charity to see what other items they may need.

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